[Berit] Today we went on a little lunch date to a restaurant that we love, Simple Cafe.  I am a huge health nut – ever since I packed on a few extra pounds last semester while abroad in London I have been trying to do more clean eating.  This little cafe/restaurant is perfect because it offers food that is both delicious and guilt-free.  I wore a classic Berit outfit: black on black.  My sister borrowed/stole my scarf and looked like a human burrito – it’s ok, its cute on her 🙂 img_6093img_6091[Berit] THESE JEANS.  I cannot rave about them enough – these fit me like a glove.  I love them so much, that after about six months of wearing them nonstop, I got a second pair of the same exact ones.  The great part about them is they are universal – I lend them out to my friends all the time and they fit ever single one of them.  Friends with butts, friends that are short, these are sisterhood of the traveling pants.  I got them at J Crew, called Lookout HighRise Skinny.  Shirt from Zara, boots from Aldo.img_6071[Brin] This outfit is my go-to winter outfit because it is easy, comfortable, and still looks dressed up. The jeans are my favorite brand, Hudson, because they literally are so comfy. I like how this sweater from J Crew is cropped at the bottom to make it stand out from normal turtle neck sweaters. I always wear sunglasses year round, and these are my favorite pair through Ray-Ban.


[Berit] I order soup and salad at almost every restaurant.  A), because I’m always in the mood for both of them, and B), its a healthy option.  A win-win.