[Berit]: Since last summer, the friends I made while abroad in London and I have been planning a reunion.  We chose Breckenridge, Colorado because three of the girls go to school at Boulder *cue the Chainsmokers*.  This was one of those trips where literally everything went wrong –  my flight was cancelled due to the worst snowstorm that CO has seen this winter, causing me to pay a chunk of money for a new flight; my friends and I got our car stuck in a snowbank; my friend lost her ski boots; I bruised my left butt cheek while trying skiing for the first time; seven of us got the stomach flu and were out of commission for an entire evening.  No joke – we all sat in the living room on our last evening with the stomach flu.  It was horrible.  Despite all of that, we had a blast.  Colorado was beautiful and I was in great company.  We are already planning our next trip… sans the stomach flu.

Our first day there was a balmy -8°.  Believe it or not, I got a little sunburn on my cheeks.  For spending an entire day in those conditions, I was kept pretty warm.  I was thankful for my thermal from Topshop’s SNO collection – super cute and super cozy.  My leggings were Adidas, found at Urban Outfitters, and my headband was (of course) furry.


I was super impressed with downtown Breckenridge – it was adorable!  I felt like I was in the North Pole, or my heritage country of Norway.  There were tons of shops and restaurants.  I wore dutch braids because they felt oh so Colorado.  Top from Zara.


Five of the group of nine on the top of a mountain, pictured below.  (I am the one who resembles a marshmallow).