Something ground breaking happened to both of us the first week of class – we each had a professor pronounce our last name correctly on the first try for the first time in our lives.  Literally, no one knows what to do when they see Muche written on their roster.  Some professors try and fail to pronounce it.  Many say our first name and just look up, lost.  (Struggle no longer… It is pronounced MEW-chee).

We love dressing cute for class – here are a few looks that we wore during our first weeks of school!


[Brin]: Getting into the groove of waking up early for classes is always the hardest transition each time I return back from break. For the first day of classes I wanted to wear something I knew I would be comfortable in. On top I am wearing my my loose-fitted striped top (Nordstrom) and an un-zipped sweater material jacket (Topshop) . These platform tennis shoes are my favorite…I had been looking everywhere for the perfect platforms and fell in love with the velvet cheetah decal on these (Topshop). I am the Queen of wearing blank baseball hats –  to add a bit of color ago my monochromatic outfit I threw on my favorite one from Brook Brothers.


[Berit]: I was behind in my classes before they even began – being a second semester senior, my motivation is a titch low.  I am trying to relish every moment before I graduate. For my last first day of school I rolled up in these super fun sleeves (Zara).  They were a little hard to shove into the arms of my winter jacket, but I persevered.  I paired it with my favorite black jeans (J Crew) and the only pair of shoes I trust to not fail me on the icy campus sidewalks (Aldo).


[Brin]: I started to see more and more style guru’s wearing these off-shoulder sweaters and literally fell in love. I found this one at Forever 21 and will definitely be looking for more tops similar to it!


[Berit]: This is me, Casper the Friendly Ghost, trying to incorporate some color into my wardrobe.  (Seriously, I am so pale!!!)  I think this little abstract pocket is so cute – I love it contrasted against the stripes.  Shirt from Anthropologie.  This is also my go-to hair style when I am feeling lazy in the morning – just a messy little half bun.  I like to think this outfit gave me an artsy, coffee shop vibe.