[Berit] I just got done watching the most recent episode of This Is Us.  It was a very emotional episode-  I need to get my mind off of it so I am going to blog it out.  If you don’t watch it, I highly recommend it!

Anyway, last weekend we both went home.  It was a weekend much-needed and well-spent.  Our dog Britta had her kidney stones removed on Thursday (I didn’t even know dogs could get kidney stones), so she had the cone of shame and required a little extra TLC from her sisters, which we were happy to provide.  We had nice home cooked meals (thanks mom), did our taxes (thanks dad), and had fun just hanging out with the fam.  Also – IT REACHED 60 DEGREES!!  In February!  Totally unheard of but totally welcomed.  Its supposed to snow again this weekend, but hey, we’ll take it.


[Brin] I am super into double denim. It is one of my favorite combinations to wear for spring, which is up and coming!  I was having a hard time finding a pair of loose fitted jeans that fit me well, but recently found these and am wearing them constantly.  I’m cheating with my double denim just a little bit because this isn’t truly a jean jacket, but it gets the idea across.  Another thing for spring – simple white tees.  I have already started my collection with this Good Vibes tee.


[Berit] I bought these Adidas in London when I was abroad.  They have gotten their fair share of love and use – some may say they’re disgustingly dirty, I say they have character.  They traveled the world with me… I can’t bear to throw them away or replace them.

I hopped on the band wagon and got myself a pair of fishnet tights to wear under jeans.  I tried switching it up a little and chose white ones.  I like how they look as a little peek-a-boo in the midriff and ankles.  I paired it with a vintage-looking tee and some oversized gold frames.  I do need prescription glasses, but these ones are fake.  Outfit details below!


[Berit] top: Brandy Melville | jeans: J Crew | tights: Asos | glasses: Pac Sun

[Brin] top: Brandy Melville | jacket: Dry Goods | jeans: Pac Sun | shoes: Urban Outfitters