[Berit] Have you ever come across a pair of shoes that were so so so perfect and look exactly like Gucci loafers but you found them for only $33 and couldn’t decide between getting the plain black or getting the embroidered, so you texted your sister who you love and trust a few screenshots seeking her opinion, only to have her reply after a long ten minutes, “obsessed-just ordered them in black!” ??? ._.  A run-on sentence but a true story.  Brin & I now have yet another pair of twinning shoes.  It’s okay though, dey cute 🙂 I haven’t taken them off since I got them.  Buy them here.IMG_3665

[Brin] I know I already talked about these back in January but I still am going crazy over  patches — I even am starting to add them onto my own clothes (jeans). Don’t get me wrong…I am terrible at DIYs so it’s fun being able to add my own personal touch to my clothes with just the help of an iron.  Shoes – Zara, purse – Steve Madden


[Berit] I recently updated my Topshop profile and it had me take a quiz to see what kind of style I had so that Topshop can recommend relevant items for me.  It labeled me “The Glossy Girl”.  I vibe, I can roll with being glossy.  Take the Topshop style quiz here – it’s kind of interesting!  Below is one of my favorite little hats – I just got it on sale at PacSun  (find it here.)  It makes any outfit look like I tried harder than I did.  Also, I got a few rose gold highlights put in my hair and I love the way it turned out.  SO glossy.


[Brin] Here I go again obsessing over yet another pair of sunglasses but cmon, how sick are these. It took me forever to search for frameless sunglasses that were not too Lady Gaga-costume-y, and unless it’s standard-everyday-wear aviator sunglasses, I try to not go crazy with the price. I was thrilled to find these for less than $20 at ALDO and love how I am able to just throw them on with any outfit to boost up style points. IMG_8550e

[Berit] I had been wanting a chunky belt for a long time and this one was perfect – I’ve worn it over sweaters like this and out on the town over dresses.  I found it at asos – also on sale.  #bless this time of year.


[Brin] I have had plain white tennis shoes on my ‘next item to buy’ list ever since Kylie started advertising them for Puma. I was torn between Stan Smiths or searching for a different pair. The second I saw these – also at ALDO – my mind was made. I love the snakeskin strap that covers where laces should be. They are also SO comfortable…though that’s a dangerous game because I’m trying to not wear them everywhere to keep them clean!! :/ IMG_8551