For my senior year spring break, my friend group decided to end with a bang and go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We, along with 140 others in the Greek community at the U, stayed at the Barcelo.  We had a week of all-inclusive drinks (we frequented “tequila on the rocks” and a blue concoction called an “Adios, Mother******”), fresh guacamole & queso at the snack bar, and …”upset” digestive systems, we’ll call it.  (For real, 13/14 of my friends got hit, HARD).  All in all, it was a blast – it was a perfect mix of crazy fun and relaxing.

To prepare, and I am not kidding, I did MONTHS of research on swimwear.  I have this issue where I am v picky when it comes to swim suits.  It’s hard to find ones I like!  My spring break fell really early and I felt like most stores did not have their new swimwear out yet.  For example, I went on today and they have a TON of cute suits in that they did not have in before my trip.  Typical.  Overall, I ended up with some cute stuff.  Check it out 🙂


Suit Uno: L*Space (top | bottom) I think that this might be my favorite suit of all the ones I found.  I wore it on the first and last day and just loved it.  It was a bit cheeky, which I was a-okay with.  I got it through Nordstrom.  (Also, how cute is my friend Lauryn 🙂 )


Suit Dos: Lali + Layla – This website has SO MANY CUTE PRINTS.  I originally was drawn to a marble print suit that they had, but it was unfortunately sold out.  This was my second favorite and I was super happy with it!  I found this cute Australian company though Instagram.  This one was also cheeky – sorry mom.  Suns out, buns out, ammirite ?!


Suit Tres: Asos – I wholeheartedly believe that this is the most “me” swimwear can look.  The hat.  The four inch platform flip flops.  The sunnies.  And, of course – the one piece.  I really wanted a one piece for Cabo, and this one was exactly what I was looking for.  And, it was only $35!  Total steal.  To qualify for free shipping I had to throw in the sunglasses – fine by me.  I liked these flip flips because they made my legs look super long.  One pieces are just so comfortable!


Suit Cuatro: Vitamin A (top | bottoms) – A lot of the sites I researched for swimsuits turned up Vitamin A swimwear – super cute brand!  The quality of these suits is amazing.  I also wore this cover up every single day because I could not get enough – I thought the pants were super different and unique!  (Love how you can see my tan progressing as the photos go on)


Suit Cinco: Robin Piccone (top | bottoms) – This was probably the craziest day we had, hence why this photo of Chelsey and me was the only decent one I could post.  It was St. Patrick’s Day and we went to a place in downtown Cabo called Mango Deck.  It was what you’d expect of a college spring break destination.  You are not mistaken; the bandana tied around my waist says, “MOM, I’M FINE”.  I paid $3 for it and thought it was hilarious at the time.  This suit was the most comfortable to wear of the five – I got it through Nordstrom.


Not swim suit related but just wanted to show how beautiful this booze cruise was.  My friend Kylie (left of me from the photo perspective) and I planned this event for 50 people in less than 24 hours, and it was one of the highlights of my entire vacation.  It happened during sunset and was beautiful.  (Note: the signature “tequila on the rocks” is pictured above, in my hand).  All in all, I had an absolute blast.  Nothing is better than spending a week with my friends 🙂