It feels like this question needs to be asked constantly, since with every moment of beautiful weather comes another fifty-degree, rainy day.  Regardless, we are ready for sun.  Classes are done, our summer jobs are starting, and our winter clothes are exhausted.

Last time we got together we got into summer mode; we each sported one of our few new summer outfits.  Hopefully, we will get together in the near future and do a summer clothing haul with more fun summer looks that we can share with you!IMG_5274


[Berit] Both top and bottom are from Zara.  I’m super into eyelets, which are on the ties of the shorts and the strap of the shirt.  Since I had an internship last summer at U.S. Bank and had a business casual dress code, I did not really get any summer clothes last year.  I am completely overdue!!!  This summer I’m going to be driving a beverage cart at a country club (hello, tip$) part-time, so I’ll get a little more quality time outdoors.

Things I am looking out for:

  • More apparel with eyelets on them
  • Big, fun sleeves (I cannot get enough of this big sleeve trend)
  • Platform sandals


[Brin]  I finally convinced myself its okay to add color into my wardrobe. Especially for this summer, I’m growing an obsession with incorporating bright and fun colors into my outfits.  I just bought this dress from Nordstrom and I loooooveee! Everyone hopped on the no shoulder-sleeve bandwagon but how could you not – it’s so adorable. This summer you will find me in:

  • colors!! Flower-ey/girly inspired outfits!! Refraining from black on black on black :/
  • graphic tees and loose-fit shorts

[Berit] Unrelated, but a little fun fact – I GRADUATED!!!  I’m officially a University of Minnesota Alum.  I still have a year of grad school to get my Masters of Accountancy, so I am not completely done, but I am no longer an undergraduate.  Feeling #accomplished.  Sorority photos by @a.carlphoto – check him out on instagram.


My friends are the best ❤IMG_5251

So is my sister ❤