BOOM.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately!  It’s hit June, and summer is in full swing.  We both did a little shopping for some fresh summer stuff.  Check it out 🙂IMG_0300-2

[Brin] I’ve been waiting to show this dress off!  I didn’t even notice the slits in it prior to trying it on – my eyes were drawn to the straight style button down look.  Not to mention,  buttons all the way down look is totally flattering!!  Urban Outfitters is the place to go when needing summer dresses. Unfortunately this is only found in stores, but I hope to see it on the website soon!


[Berit] I thought this shirt was totally unique and cool.  There is a lot going on, but ASOS made it work.  I love the contrast between the long sleeve vs. no sleeve at all, as well as the dueling front tie and side cross-tie.  I even wore this top when I went out downtown Minneapolis last weekend, and paired it with sleek navy joggers and platform sandals.  (FYI – ASOS is having a 20% off sale for students.  If you register soon, you’ll get 20% off until you graduate).  (FYI #2 – all my stuff on this post is from ASOS 🙂 ) Find this top here.


[Brin] I was sooooo thrilled that a new mall opened near my house with a Free People. As a twenty year old I’m taking total advantage of being able to still dress young, boho, and carefree.  This seasonal silhouette top is my new “go-to”.  Despite how adorable the big sleeves are (careful, I’ve gotten them dirty twice now when wearing this out to dinner), this top also is the COMFIEST material. For anyone looking for an everyday dress up or dress down shirt I 100% recommend.

[Berit] I searched “white shift dress” on ASOS and arrived at this beaut.  The movement is super cool!  I feel like it’s a dress that can be dressed down with flats, or dressed up – I wore it to my friend’s birthday celebration with heels.



Dabbing is cool, right?



[Berit] I was in dire need of a jean skirt, and I found this one on the Pull & Bear page of ASOS.  I fell in love with Pull & Bear when I was in Spain, and they unfortunately don’t have stores in America, nor does it ship here.  Thankfully ASOS hooks me up 🙂  This one stuck out to me because of the a-symmetrical hem and the fringe.  The top I had on hand, from Topshop.

[Brin] Back at it with the free people – I swear all of their clothes feel like I’m in my pajamas.  The shorts length is adjustable which is nice for me since I’m 5’8″ and my butt hangs out in a lot of shorts. Find it on the website 🙂