Last week I was fortunate to go and see my FAVORITE artist of all time – Chance The Rapper! I was extremely lucky because he came to my current home city, Eau Claire, for the Eaux Claires festival hosted here.

Eaux Claires is a unique music festival put on by Bon Iver because ~fun fact~ one of Bon Ivers’ band members, Justin Vernon, is a University-Wisconsin Eau Claire alumnus! Cool, right? Even cooler – their song Towers is written about a girl who he was crushing on while in college that lived in one of the dorms we still have here on campus.

Enough trivia, I am still in love with my look for the concert. And the best part is… I was able to buy a complete new head-to-toe outfit for under $100!! Yep. Call me Brin the penny-pintcher, bargain shopper.IMG_1331

The first photo is feat. one of my best friends / roommate who also came to the festival with me. Her top she is wearing is actually mine, and can be found at Urban Outfitters. The tulle on the top stuck out to me and makes this top adorable.


Here is my complete look! Though you can see it easier in the previous picture, I cannot get over how cool my garment was. It’s an upgrade from your typical high-low dress because it’s actually a romper covered by an almost open-maxi skirt. And guess what, it’s under $20! I love when I’m able to shop at Target and find a total steal. If you’re interested, I highly recommend one of their newer brands who what wear because it is always pumping out new, fashionable garments at a lower price.

I have gotten a million compliments on these shoes (again, easier to see in the picture above). Berit even went out and purchased herself a pair. I like how the platform is whicker-like because it gives the shoes a summer-ey vibe. Metallic is SO in right now so I could not go wrong with the gold. I was a little worried on how my feet would hold up wearing these all day but I kid you not they are actually comfortable. These were also a steal from Target but unfortunately can only be found in stores.IMG_1335

I lastly needed to include a selfie because I’m proud of my jewelry combo. I am the queen of losing jewelry so it was hard for me to purchase all new items, which is why I was especially searching for inexpensive pieces. This season I have loved layering gold necklaces, but only simple ones. I think it’s so cute! Both of these necklaces were under $20 purchased at francesca’s. I cannot find the exact two because I purchased these in store and I believe some stores carry different pieces, but I promise you if you search their necklace options online you will be persuaded to purchase some for yourself.

If you look closely you can see my earring combo – which I am also proud of ;). I have been dying for gold hoop earrings for awhile now and found this inexpensive pair also at francesca’s. I paired the hoops with tiny gold stars to complete my look!

***side note I was able to find the earrings on the website so click away!***

Thanks for reading!