We are trying something a little different.

We want to start sharing some of our meals, snacks, and overall eating tips with you in addition to our fashion and beauty posts.  Both of us are healthy eaters; it is part of our lifestyle.  Eating clean helps keep us feeling good, both internally and externally.  The saying “you are what you eat” is so true – if you put good foods into your body, you will shine on the outside.  This day in age, food is out of control.  Numerous artificial ingredients are pumped into the food that is sold at our grocery stores, and nothing is done in moderation.  We love to keep it simple and keep it real when it comes to what we are putting into our bodies.

The most important meal of the day: breakfast.  It is so so so important to get your metabolism up and running at the start of the day.  A substantial, nutritious meal in the morning is going to get you much farther than skipping breakfast to get a few more minutes of sleep.  Personally, we always make sure that we allow ourselves at least twenty minutes for breakfast in the morning.  We get it – mornings are super rushed.  We are in the same situation!  That’s why we have a few breakfast ideas that we keep in our back pockets for mornings that are busy.

[As told by Berit]

First off: photographing food is very different than photographing people in clothes.  Excuse our first attempt at food photos.  Shout out to our favorite food bloggers for inspiration and for making it look easy: @shutthekaleup @twistoflemons @leefromamerica @fitfoodiefinds

The Best, The Baddest, The Most Basic – Avocado Toast




Avocado toast is God’s gift to all.  It’s the newest craze.  (Have you seen that article written by the millionaire saying that avocado toast is the reason millennials will not be able to afford homes?  Ridiculous).  Avocado toast is one of the tastiest breakfasts in the book, and it is packed with beneficial ingredients, especially when we pump it full of superfoods.  I like to think that Brin started the Muche sister avocado toast obsession, and I evolved it.  After numerous different combos, this is my favorite, step by step (including a poached egg):

  • Start to boil a pot of water.
  • Cut and pit the avocado, scoop out the meat, and mash it in a bowl.  I usually can only eat half, so I save the other half for next time.
  • Add about 1/4 of a fresh lemon’s juice, a tablespoon of flax seed, half a tablespoon of hemp seed, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes to the mash.
  • Put one or two pieces of bread into the toaster.  I usually use sprouted bread (for better digestion) or gluten-free bread.
  • Crack an egg (cage-free!!!) into a small bowl.  Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water, along with some black pepper and turmeric.  Whisk the water until you make a tornado, reduce the heat to medium, and add the egg to the swirling water.  Poach it for about three-five minutes.
  • Meanwhile, your toast has probably popped at this point.  Plate it, and spread it with ghee.  Then add the mashed avocado, sprinkle chia seeds on top, and add sprouted micro greens.
  • After your egg is poached to your liking, remove it from the water with a spoon, and plop it onto your toast.  Voila!!

Again, there are so many variations of this.  Brin fries her eggs, sometimes I use just egg whites, sometimes the ingredients differ a bit.  This sounds like a complicated meal, but it really takes me about ten minutes tops to make.  And it’s SO GOOD.

Pepper Eggs


These are surprisingly so delicious, and they’re super easy.  I find it easy to meal prep by cutting rings of peppers and onions in advance and keeping them in the fridge, so when I am in a rush I can skip that step and put them right into the pan.  For these delicious pepper eggs:

  • Cut up rings of peppers and onion by slicing horizontally.  Try to get them as level as possible
  • Put a plop of olive oil in a skillet and let it heat up.  Add the rings.
  • After it has browned (about four minutes), flip the rings.  Crack an egg into each ring.  (This is why it is important to have them even – otherwise the egg runs out!)
  • Let them cook!  If the tops aren’t getting done, I just flip them for about thirty seconds.
  • Top away!  I use salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, fresh basil, and green onions.  Use what you like!

Easy Peezey Banana Squeezey Pancakes


These are SO EASY to make, and they only need two ingredients!  The rest is up to preference.  For my favorite:

  • Mix two eggs with one mashed banana.  These are the only two ingredients you really need.  I add flax seed and chia seed for the extra nutrients, and cinnamon for extra flavor.  Sometimes I add oats or chocolate protein powder for a different pancake.
  • Make them like normal pancakes!  I use coconut oil in the pan so that it doesn’t stick.  I top with pure maple syrup, and fresh fruit.  Yummy and easy!

I made these for Brin and I when we were home last week for our brother’s graduation, and she claims her’s are “fluffier” than mine.  Do you have anything to add?

[Brin]  I add baking soda and whisk the eggs before adding them.

[Berit] Well there ya go.

That’s all for now – we love cooking, grocery shopping, and finding new ways to stay healthy, so we will continue to share a few tips and tricks in the food department.

Let us know what you do to stay healthy 🙂  We want to hear your tips and tricks, too!