Hello and Happy Fashion Week!

With a new season comes new looks, trends, and fads.  We are super excited for the crisp fall weather to come in.  This summer hasn’t been all that hot, but we still wanted to wear our summer clothes.  Now, we can actually dress for the weather.  We have been keeping our eyes wide open for what is going to be hot during the upcoming season and have come up with a list of things that we are trying out or on the hunt for.

1 – Statement Pants



[Berit] I think statement pants are really making a “statement” (wasn’t funny, sorry) right now.  Trouser fits, bold patterns and colors, obscure hems, even drop crotch pants are all the rage.  Bold pants can snazz up any top and make an outfit powerful.  Linked below are a few I really like:

Affordable: Urban Outfitters  | Topshop | Target | ASOS (Berit’s Fav)

Spendy: Rag & Bone | Revolve | Nordstrom / Stella McCartney (Berit’s other Fav if she had the $$) (might start a Go FundMe for these)


2 – Capes/Ponchos


[Brin] The weather is cooling down but it is not quite time to whip out the winter jackets.  Something to look for right now are definitely ponchos and capes. Sometimes outerwear can be difficult to wear all day because its main purpose is to keep warm, but that isn’t always the case when trying to look trendy. I have always been a fan of ponchos and love how simple yet fashionable they appear.  It’s right up my ally because it is such an easy look.

A piece that is totally growing on me as well are capes. I think these look really sharp and are an extremely eye-catching new look to bring into the fall season.  They have been a huge success at 2017 Fashion Week. These are still kinda difficult to find but I’m sure as the season continues we will be seeing these coming out in more stores – so start the trend now 😉

The pieces shown above can be found at:  Zara | ASOS | Free People

3 – Ice Blonde (for all my blondies or wannabe blondies out there)



^All photos are from @blondeluxe instagram page, a colorist / balayage specialist based out of Minne, who I STALK because I think she does great work.  Have not been to her but would love to.

[Berit] Out with the brass blonde!  In with the ICE.  If you are blonde, I HIGHLY recommend trying out cooler tones this season.  Blonde hair tends to get yellow – I have struggled with this issue for years.  Now, I try to keep it ~cool~.  Ice blonde doesn’t necessarily mean platinum; it simply means it is a silver blonde instead of a gold one.

One of my hair colorists, Maggie (who introduced me to toner – bless you, Maggie) told me a few ways to ask for this look at the salon.  She said that first, your hair needs to be lightened to the absolute highest level.  Otherwise, underlying warmth will still show through.  She also is a fan of toner.  Check out her instagram here – she is super talented!

I personally use a purple shampoo and it has changed my life.  Last time I got my hair colored, I didn’t even need to tone it!  Ya girl is just saving pennies with every wash.  The shampoo keeps my hair cool with a hue that is almost violet.  In a chic way.  You know?  I use the corresponding conditioner so that my hair doesn’t get dry – purple shampoo will do that to you.

4 – The No-Makeup-Except-Dark-Lips looks



[Berit] Disclaimer, I have seen this done on no one but myself.  A look has got to start somewhere, right?  I think it is kind of edgy to put on no eye makeup (except eyebrows, OBVIOUSLY .. I’m not nuts) and then put on a vampy, dark lip.  It is such a drastic combination.  Fun for both fall and winter.  I use my Kylie Jenner lip kit, but obv any dark cranberry will do.

5 – Belts


[Brin] It’s actually weird how often I find myself going to class wearing a pair of jeans paired with a plain t-shirt and doing whatever I can add to it. I am someone who likes to be comfortable when I’m in class and I also consider my style right now to just be staple pieces mix-and-matched everyday. I love throwing on a pair of skinny jeans with a tee and pairing it with layers of gold necklaces and rings – and now I cannot get enough of belts. I think having tucked in shirts with jeans with a statement belt just looks so cute for women my age going about their days.

I first saw this look on one of my roommates who constantly was leaving the apartment wearing it and I was like, “wtf,  I do not recall the last time I put on a belt, what is this…” but it totally grew on me. I recently was watching my favorite Youtuber/blogger [you all already know, Lauren Elizabeth, the first picture above is directly from her Instagram] and she was talking this look up and now I am totally hooked on the belt game.

You can get away with buying inexpensive ones for sure, but I definitely have my eyes open for a higher end belt, for example like Lauren’s which is a Gucci belt found here, because this definitely is something I will see myself wearing often for the next seasons to come! Not going to lie I am actually rockin this look as we speak…[see above].

The staple black belt is what I am mostly interested in but adding a patterned belt to an all black or white tee/jean combo also looks trendy for fall.

Shop Black Belts: Nordstrom | Topshop

Shop Patterned Belts: Free People | ASOS