If I ever conducted an inventory of my closet, I am pretty confident that a majority of my loot would be from Zara.  It isn’t shocking; simply put, I’m obsessed.  I named my car Zara (weird?  lmk).  I would argue that it is impossible to go into a Zara and come out empty-handed.  They are CONSTANTLY switching up their inventory; every time I go back, they have something new.

This is due to their smart and successful use of supply chain operations.  Their fast-fashion operation allows their in-house design and production teams to work while eliminating months of lead time and suppliers up and down the chain.  Their ability to quickly get new clothes designed, created, and shipped allows Zara to have more frequent shopper visits to stores, fewer sales on markdown and faster cash conversion cycles.  Supply chain operations is the key to their success (forbes).

And, above all, their clothes are cute.  They keep merchandise relevant, on-trend, and generally affordable.  It simply can’t be beat.

Check out a few things I got from their new fall line!  I’ve got my eye on some more things on their website that I’ll get once I get my next paycheck.  Stay tuned!


Balloon Sleeve T-Shirt – 29.90


Oversize Dress With Wide Turn-Up Cuffs – $29.90 (I cannot find it in purple anymore)


Sweater With Front Slogan – $39.90

My favorite part of my recent Zara haul.  Naturally, I bought this as a “gift” for my sister and then I made her pay me back for it.  It’s the thought that counts, right?