Happy 2018!!  This year has brought us one major thing – brutally cold weather.  We have had single digits and below-zero windchill for far too many days.  Accordingly, we have spent a lot of time indoors, hanging out, straight chillin.

We wanted to share three of our favorite types of cozy clothes with you, and where to find the best.  Winter is not over – stock up while everything is still on sale 🙂

1 – The bum-wear / sleep wear


These shorts were SIX DOLLARS.  SIX.  Six dollars, and cozy af.  We nabbed them in a few colors.  We cannot find them online, but just bought them recently so you should still be able to find them if you head to the mall now.  Here are a similar pair if you’re an online-only type of gal.  Berit’s plush turtleneck and Brin’s crewneck are both on sale as well.  So so soft and cozy.

2 – The “Cozy-but-Presentable” Look


These Tommy Hilfiger sweats are super cute, but are very comfortable.  A two-fer.  Santa got them from Urban Outfitters.  Brin’s adidas cropped sweater is also from Urban.  Berit’s sports bra is from Target.

3 – Athletic Chic


Obvi, it is always cozy to go the sport route.  I cannot find our matching lululemon jackets online, but here is a similar option.  We got them for Christmas so the ones we are wearing should still be in stores.  Berit’s leggings and Brin’s joggers (on sale!) are lululemon as well.

Keep warm, keep cozy, and take advantage of those sales 🙂