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Hello hello!

We just wanted to do a quick post on the BEST place to get basics – Starbucks.  Kidding! Brandy Melville.  I [Berit] had never heard of this brand until I went to London, and my life got instantly better the moment I walked into my first Brandy Melville store. I then introduced it to my sister and we both LOVED. The store is full of the best basic wear we have ever seen – simple, yet fashionable.  Since getting the tops above for Christmas, we  have both worn them each numerous times because they’re easy to throw on and dress up or down.  Basics are nice because they’re extremely versatile and can be paired with almost any pants, jacket, or shoe for a trendy look.

Brin and I usually get our Brandy apparel from PacSun, but they don’t sell Brandy through their website (???) so you’ll either have to go to a PacSun store or shop on the actual website (check it out!)

A plus: The price is right.  Their tops are usually $15-25 and sweaters are $40 max.  It is so affordable, which basics should be.  We’re not tryna spend $50 on a white tee.

A minus: It’s one size fits all.  This has not been an issue for us, but in our opinion one size fits up to about a size six or eight.  It is 2018 – one size does NOT fit all!

View more of our favorites below! Links to follow.






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