Yes, its February. Yes, it is still under twenty degrees. But I am SO anxious to crank out looks for spring. You all already know I love wearing basic tees and having the challenge of dressing them up, or adding accessories to make them chic. I have three new head-to-toe looks on how I am transforming into spring with my new t-shirts.


Everything I am wearing in this look I am excited about! The shirt I found fun and flirty for February with the cute rhinestone roses on it. I usually am not someone to wear red, but I like how this shirt does not stand out too much with the basic detail. Thank you, Zara. (Also, this shirt is currently only $6.)

My jeans you will be seeing a lot of because they are my new go-to black jeans. There is not a photo on the back pockets (will be featured in my next post) but if you go on the Hudson website you will see how cute the closed back buttons are to make these black jeans a tad different from the rest.

If you follow our Instagram, you have already seen this jacket inspired by Nordstrom’s recent “The Essential” list. This specific jacket is through Topshop and I can honestly pair it with anything. The loose-fitted shoulders make it stand out and gives it more of a tomboy, casual look.

Finally, the heels. I am so happy with this purchase from NastyGal. I have been becoming obsessed with wearing wedged heels but did not have any close-toed ones to save my feet through the winter. I love wearing shoes with lots of detail (hence the velvet, lace up, and buckle) to draw peoples attention.


This basic white tee was super fun to accessorize with. The quote on this t-shirt from Urban Outfitters states:



The jeans unfortunately are a few years old, but they are light fitted with ripped detail on the knees. A few similar pairs can be found on their website here.

My accessories I have been wearing non-stop. As I have previously said, I am a fan of [fake] glasses and statement belts. These specially are from Urban Outfitters and the belt is Calvin Klein.


Finally, another bright-colored, February themed tee.

This is another purchase from NastyGal and I love how old-school it looks (which explains the desire to go to the record store that day). The flirty “Someones Baby” adds a fun, new vibe to what one wold usually be wearing to celebrate the Valentine season.

If there is anything to take away from this post I would have to vote on these jeans. I am  newly introduced to the store Madewell and I cannot believe it took me this long. These jeans are extremely flattering; the buttons fit my old-school vibe, and I can pair them with any basic tee to add a statement to my looks. (PS…great butt jeans.)

I hope you enjoyed these fun head-to-toe tee shirt looks and that they are getting you as anxious for the spring weather as I am! Thanks for reading, see you soon