My friend was mentioning to me the other day that she feels her clothes are just blah.  She said that she is sick of her clothes and would love to step it up a notch, but also gets hesitant buying “trendy” things because fads and fashion come and go.  My advice to her was simple – just have a few staple statement pieces that you can throw on often enough to get your money’s worth.

I wanted to share my favorite current trends with you and show you how easy it can be to shnazz up an outfit.  I wear these pieces all the time!  Check them out 🙂

1 – fur jacket (faux, of course)


Cute, cozy, fun.  I had been wanting a fur coat for quite awhile.  I got this jacket from Madewell in January.  It was on sale, the last one in the store, and an XL.  I snatched it up anyway because it was exactly what I was looking for, and I don’t really mind the boxiness.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they carry this coat anymore because I cannot find it online.  I found a similar option from Free People.  This one from Topshop is also similar, and super cute.  I like the look of more traditional fur, but I like the close-cropped fur a little more because I feel it is more versatile.
2 – velvet pants


I love love love velvet pants.  I got them at rag & bone, but again, cannot find them online (sorry:/ ) If you like the style of the pants I’m wearing with the double button and bold zipper, rag & bone has a pair with the same style, sans velvet.  I did find a cute pair of velvet pants from asos, and they’re super cheap.  Velvet pants transform a normal outfit into a trendy one.

I also got a pair of velvet leggings from Target and I LOOOVEEE them.  My mom got them, too, and feels the same way.  They’re the coziest pants I own, and they’re super flattering.  I wear these leggings when I study and I wear them to the bar.  (Versatile!)  And they’re $7 currently.  Buy them, buy them now.

3 – cheetah


POW.  I am PUMPED that cheetah is making a comeback.  I think it is such a fun print to wear.  I am currently on the prowl (get it) for a pair of cheetah pants because I have no limits.  If you’re more conservative and don’t want to make a large investment, this cheetah belt from target is the perfect solution.  Super easy accessory to spice up an outfit and be on trend.  Zara has a cute cheetah scarf right now for another accessory option.

The cardigan I got last year from J Crew, before cheetah was fully back in.  J Crew has a cute cheetah sweater in, but it isn’t a cardigan like mine.

4 – block heel booties


I got these military zip booties (left) for Christmas and haven’t taken them off since.  I sleep in these bad boys.  (Kidding, but almost not).  Boots like these can make an outfit trendier super easily.  The block heel makes them comfortable to wear.  I wore them for the first time on a trip to Chicago and my feet didn’t hurt at all.  I wear them to class, I wear them out, I wear them running errands.  I can’t get enough!  My friend was slaying in her cute Steve Madden booties when she was snapping some pics for me so I included hers, too.

So, moral of the blog post: being trendy can be easy.  Get a few statement pieces that you know you will wear, and that way you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.  A fur coat, velvet pants, cheetah accessory, and heel booties are all you need 🙂

xx, Berit