Charleston, SC – the quaintest of cities.  Our family chose Charleston as the spot for a short vacation before Brin starts work early June.  It was a blast.  The city is historic, small, and elegant.  We toured mansions from the 1800’s, ate grits, visited a plantation, saw where the first shots of the civil war were fired, and went on a haunted jail ghost tour.  And, of course, we went shopping.  Overall, we definitely would recommend it!

Now to the important topic – outfits.  A quick recap of our vacation outfits is below.  Enjoy 🙂



[Brin] This was our travel day so, unlike Berit, I like to travel comfy.  I knew we would be walking the city and I wanted to still be cute, so evidently I went with the jumpsuit.  Me still being the Target clothing fan I am found this navy romper there! (Psst… it’s only $30) This was perfect for the occasion, and the tie waist kept it figure flattering.  I have been a huge fan of navy lately which made this jumpsuit adorable.

[Berit] Do these pants give you life or WHAT.  I had been looking for a pair of flair jeans for awhile, and fell in love with these the moment my friend found them at the mall and asked if they were cute and took them out of her hands and purchased them right then and there.  I feel zero guilt.  I got them from free people – I’m not sure if these are the same ones, but I think they are?  I got them in the store in April, and they also came in black, jean, and rose.  Top is from Urban Outfitters, on sale now.


We toured The Middleton’s plantation, complete with walking through nature and amongst animals, and accidentally wore these outfits.  Oops.  Two sunburns later, we made our way to the beach area, where these outfits were a little more appropriate.  What can you do.

[Brin] I literally bought this two piece set from Urban Outfitters full price about a month ago, but I cannot find it on the website. Maybe with luck you can find it in-store. Urban is still selling a selection of two-piece sets so it’s definitely worth looking.  I liked this one because I could bear wearing pants in the hot weather because of the spaghetti strapped top.  This outfit is great quality too – stretchy but looks sharp and almost trouser-like.  I’ve also been a fan of open-toe mules. You can find them all over but some places you can find similar ones to mine are: Urban Outfitters, Zara, Target, or Nordstrom.

[Berit]  I searched high and low for a two piece set to wear to Charleston and finally checked out PRETTYLITTLETHING and found these cherry pants and the matching top for only $36.  Why I haven’t looked at this website before, I don’t know.  They have a ton of cute clothes that are reasonably priced.  I would say it is the quality of clothing of Forever 21, and the same price point.  My platform wedge sandals are from Target.


That moment when we forgot to take pics of Brin.
[Berit]  Another shirt from Urban Outfitters.  Loved the Cinderella-y look of this top!