Hello Hello!  Since my last post, I have started my job at PwC in downtown Minneapolis.  So far, I am really liking it.   I love the work I have been doing, and I love being downtown.

More importantly, I love dressing up for work.  A lot of my friends have mentioned that they struggle finding trendy business casual outfit ideas, so I decided to create a post with a few of my work looks for inspiration.  My outfits are mostly from clothes I already had on hand, so I linked similar items.  My goal is to hopefully give you ideas of how to spice up your business casual outfits in your workplace, as told through my mirror selfies.  Enjoy 🙂

INSPO: Invest in a pair or two of patterned pants.  This way you can wear any solid colored top that you likely already own, but still look trendy.  My favorite work pants are from Express. They fit well and they have tons of different patterns.


INSPO: Silk tops are a fun way to make work clothes trendy.  Mine is a year old from Zara, but this one from PRETTYLITTLETHING looks just like it.

INSPO: In addition to clothes, I like to switch up my hair.   I love wearing my signature slicked ponytail to work, but decided to add a braid this day to keep it interesting.  It’s especially useful on days you have dirty hair.

INSPO: Lipstick is another way to express yourself in the workplace.  I love rocking a berry lip because it is not too severe. IMG_8611IMG_8612

INSPO: Have a solid colored dress?  Add fun tights to jazz it up.  I love these studded ones because they’re low key but add a little fun.

INSPO: This bun is extremely easy to do, but looks like you put a lot of effort into your look.  I put my hair in a ponytail, separated it into two parts leaving out one strand, and twisted the two parts together.  Once done, I wrapped the extra strand around the twist.  I coiled the twist into a bun and bobby pinned it into place, pulling out a few tendrils around my face.  Voila.


INSPO:  Leopard in the workplace?  Heck yeah!  As long as it is kept classy, leopard can definitely be worn in a business casual setting.  J Crew has a great leopard selection that works for work.


INSPO: Similar to patterned pants, it is always fun to sport a bold patterned top with a pair of solid pants.  I bought the one in this photo three years ago in London, but might be adding this one  to my Christmas list.


INSPO: Who doesn’t love a power ponytail?  I used this dirty hair hack when I was on a business trip in Omaha.  I teased the roots of my hair from my forehead to the point of the ponytail to add volume.  I also teased a bit of the actual ponytail to make it appear more full.IMG_8614

NOTE:  In a lot of these photos I am wearing these shoes from Macy’s.  These shoes are EXTREMELY comfortable.  My sister owns the same ones.  They’re not too high so they’re easy to walk in, and they match everything.  They’re also currently on sale.  I highly recommend getting these.