I am back!

After a blog hiatus, I figured the best time to get the blog up and running is during a time of social distancing.  I missed it – I enjoy finding tips, tricks, and advice that I want everyone to hear, and the blog was a way to spread the wealth.  So, I am back and full of things to share 🙂  First up – my morning skin care routine.

1 – cleanse: Kate Somerville Cold Cream

Instead of using a typical lathering cleanser in the morning, I use a cold cream to wash my face.  Cold cream is a water-oil mixture that hydrates and melts away dirt and oil.  I sometimes use it at night as well, but it is my go-to in the morning.  When I rinse it off, it almost feels like I am already wearing lotion because my face is so hydrated after using it.  I am a little concerned this is going to be discontinued since it isn’t on Sephora or Kate’s website (???) but its still on Amazon, linked above.

2 – medicine

If you use anything medical on your face (i.e, I use a Clindamycin every morning prescribed by my dermatologist), it should be used first.  You want to give it the best ability to fully sink into your skin and make sure its able to perform how it should, so don’t put on other products first and block it.  If you use a morning serum, you would put it on here.

3 – eye cream: Sephora Collection

Eye cream is essential!  The skin under your eyes is so fragile and needs additional love.  My roommate got me this Sephora eye cream for Christmas, and I love it as my daytime eye cream.  It is part of the clean-at-Sephora line, which I appreciate – I don’t want harsh chemicals going under my eyes and on my lids.  The price is right, too.  This light-weight eye cream is perfect for day time.  I keep mine in my skin fridge so that the cold can also reduce puffiness.

4 – mist: Murad 3-in-1 Prebiotic MultiMist

I got this mist for both of my roomies for Christmas because I love it so much.  It feels to me like I am spraying skin vitamins onto my face.  A couple sprays is all you need.  It replenishes your skin with its prebiotics, locks in the moisture, primes you face for makeup, and can be used as a makeup setting spray.  I use it sometimes at night, too.  If I am having a dry skin spell, I will even bring it to work & mist in the bathroom throughout the day.  Gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

5 – vitamin c serum: Ole Henricksen 

My advice: buy this.  If anything, use some sort of vitamin c in the morning.  It brightens, firms, hydrates, reduces hyper pigmentation, and more – google the benefits.  I keep mine in my skin fridge. I read somewhere vitamin c stands for vitamin cold, and I love the way it feels when it goes on chilled.  I will buy this product time and time again, and could not recommend it enough.

6 – moisturize: Clinique Dramatically Different

I have used this for years.  Honestly, I think since elementary or middle school.  My mom always used it, and I would use hers, and now I buy it on my own.  This moisturizer is perfect for the day because it is lightweight and doesn’t feel like it is clogging anything.  It also sits fine under makeup.

7 – jade roll: any brand will do

Help the products sink in!  Another skin fridge item of mine, I take a few moments each morning to run the jade roller over my face.  It reduces puffiness and I feel like it is ironing out any fine lines.

8 – sunscreen: Clinique

I don’t care what brand, I don’t care what price – everyone should be wearing sunscreen every day.  You will thank yourself in 20 years when your skin aging has been reduced compared to skin that is damaged from the sun.  People are good about beach sunscreen, but the sun can still cause damage through a car or house window.  In fact, so can your computer screen, or tv / phone screen for that matter.  They emit blue light which can be damaging to skin.  Do yourself a favor, and wear sunscreen daily.  I bought this Clinique sunscreen because it was reasonably priced, and I did a ton of research to make sure it would lay well under makeup.  I add a translucent powder under my eyes and around my mouth to make sure I don’t look too shiny, but I generally like a dewy glowy look.  I got Supergoop! Glowscreen for Easter, so I will be changing it up.  I’ll report back when I have a good feel on it.

There you have it!  I probably spend 5-10 minutes in the morning on my skin.  Small time  frame, big impact.  I hope you find some product, brand, or routine inspiration from the skincare that works for me.  I’ll be posting my night time routine later, so stay tuned.

Until next time,

Berit x

update: find my night time skin care routine here: night time skin care routine