Part two: Night time skin care.

I love winding down at night and doing my skin care.  It feels nice to wash off the day and prep for a new one.  I usually light a candle, turn on my salt rock nightlight, and get to work.  I feel night time skin care is so effective because it goes on and is uninterrupted for hours on end, unlike the day where your face is exposed to sun, pollution, and sweat.

Let’s get to it.

1 – makeup remover: Drunk Elephant Make-up Melting Butter Cleanser

The first step is to wash any makeup off my face.  I hate makeup wipes.  They pull at my skin and sting my eyes.  Plus, they’re no bueno for the environment.  Instead, I use a makeup-melting butter cleanser.  This gently removes makeup while simultaneously hydrating the face.  This Drunk Elephant cleanser also comes with a little container of exfoliating sand.  Once a week, I add the sand to a little of the butter cleanser and exfoliate my face.  I use this cleanser right on my eyes – it is super gentle.

2 – cleanse: Cetaphil and Clarisonic

Once the makeup is off, I go in with my Cetaphil cleanser and make sure all the dirt and oil is off my face.  The Cetaphil cleanser is gentle, dermatologist recommended, and cheap.  Every other day I use the Cetaphil with my Clarisonic brush to exfoliate stimulate my face.

3 – medicine

Like the morning, I apply a dermatologist prescribed retinol on my clean face as product one.  I swear by retinol – it is super anti-aging and keeps the skin tone even.  There are tons of products out there that have a retinol in them; I just prefer my cream from my dermatologist.

4 – eye cream: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

After my retinol, I go in with my eye cream.  IT Cosmetics is one of my favorite skincare brands, and their eye cream does not disappoint.  This one reduces fine lines / eye bags and reduces the appearance of dark circle, as well as hydrates the delicate skin under the eyes and on the lids.  This cream is a bit heavier which is why I opt to use it at night.  I keep this in my skin fridge.

5 – serum: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

This serum is one of my favorite products.  I wear it every night, and sometimes during the day if my skin feels like it needs it.  It is a gel consistency but goes on pretty light and smooth.  Plus, the price is right.  I was looking at another product at Sephora and a sales associate told me to get this one instead, and she was so right.  I truly think this product helps keep my skin from getting dry.  Highly recommend.

6 – moisturizer: IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

I am not sure how many jars of this I have purchased, but I love this moisturizer.  It is one of my bigger skin care splurges, but worth it.  I like to use a heavier moisturizer at night to really get my face hydrated for the next day.  This one is anti-aging, which is key for me.  I am definitely brand loyal to my secret sauce moisturizer.  I also keep this in my skin fridge so my whole face gets a dose of cold.

7 – jade roll

You know the drill.  Jade rolling helps your products sink in.  I keep my jade roller in my skin fridge and roll for about a minute, or until it looses its chill.

8 – oil: Farsali Volcanic Elixir Polynesian Beauty Oil

This oil is a must.  I will admit, it doesn’t smell the best.  (Read the comments on Sephora’s page for a laugh on how people describe it).  To me, it smells like grass and wood.  Honestly, I appreciate that there aren’t fragrances added to change the smell.  I am obsessed with this oil.  I wake up in the oil with the most hydrated, plump, dewy skin ever.  Using an oil at night helps to seal in all the good stuff underneath and add a layer of moisture.

9 – lip mask: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Last but not least, I use this lip mask.  I sometimes also use this during the day as a lip gloss – it has a slight light pink tint and looks really cute.  I like the way this lip mask makes my lips feel in the morning – smooth and hydrated.  It comes with a little paddle applicator and its fun to use.  Highly recommend.

El fin!  Disclaimer, I switch up my skin routine a lot; I’ll use a mask or sheet mask here and there, or switch out a product for a night, maybe add in another step or two.  But if I had to narrow it down to my usual, most basic routine, with all the necessary steps I go through, this is it.  Have fun with it!

Berit x

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