I got a ton of feedback on my blog and instagram post over my daily skincare routine.  It made me realize how many people are interested in taking better care of their skin or amplifying their current habits, but need a little guidance.  I have done the research, listened to the podcasts, tried the products and developed best practices, and want to be a resource to those who need one.

A few weeks ago I posted five easy skin care tips to my instagram stories that weren’t product recommendations.  I beefed up the list to give you ten simple tips to improve your routine.

1 – Wait roughly 30 seconds in between each product application.  I like to let each product dry before adding the next to avoid putting product soup on my face.  Skin care should be applied lightest to heaviest.  If the heavy gets in the way of the light, the lightweight products won’t be able to perform as well as they could.

2 – Treat your neck and collarbones as part of your face.  I bring (most of) my skincare all the way down to my collarbones, and even to my chest.  A large part of my skin care goals includes anti-aging.  What purpose does a smooth face serve if the neck looks like a turkey?  Pass.  Make sure your neck and collarbones get proper attention.

3 – Brush your teeth before doing your skin care.  This habit I developed on my own.  I would spend my 10 minutes at night on my skincare routine (not as much of an issue in the morning because I can’t do anything until I brush my teeth), only to brush my teeth after and feel like I was rinsing all the product around my mouth off & then patting it off with the towel.  What a waste!  To avoid that, I make sure to brush my teeth first.

4 – Pat any excess product onto the back of your hands.  Got a little extra vitamin c serum or moisturizer on your fingertips after applying it to the face?  Skip wiping it off on a towel (or your pants) and rub it into the back of the hands.  This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the turkey neck comment above.  Hands age, too.  I like to keep my hands hydrated and sunscreened.  Think of your hands when you drive a car – they’re staring at the sun!!!  Protect them.

5 – If you get skincare samples, try one at a time.  We have all hit the Sephora jackpot where you get six skincare samples after spending $35.  The biggest waste is using the sample peel, mask, serum, moisturizer and oil at once.  When your skin feels great the next day, how do you know which product is to thank?  I like to use my most basic routine when using a skincare sample and just substitute one sample product so I know how it individually affects my face.

6 – Switch your routine up.  When a sample isn’t in play, do a little skincare chemistry and switch up your products a little.  You don’t eat the same vegetables every day to get your nutrients – you have a diverse intake.  Do the same for your face to make sure it’s getting different vitamins and nutrients.  I usually make one or two deviations from my normal morning skin care routine and night time skin care routine to give my skin a change of pace.

7 – Get a silk or satin pillowcase.  Cotton pillowcases are no bueno on the skin (or hair!  ask your hair stylist).  Silk pillowcases are way more gentle, and don’t rub your products off your face.  The silk doesn’t soak in moisture like cotton does, so it leaves your skincare on your face all night long.  I gave silk pillowcases to my roommates as Christmas gifts because I believe everyone needs them.  Plus – they’re so cozy.

8 – Sleep with a humidifier.  I have a humidifier next to my bed that lets off a cool mist all night long.  This keeps moisture in the air, and therefore on my face, even in winter.

9 – Ditch the ceiling fan.  This one is tough in summer, but I personally feel like a ceiling fan sits and dries out my skin all night.  If anything, keep it on until right before bed, and turn it off while you sleep.  Maybe put your cool mist humidifier up on your nightstand to compensate.  I just can’t think a ceiling fan is doing your skin any favors.

10 – Fill your body with healthy fats and water.  Cliche, but you are what you eat.  The best way to hydrate your skin is to hydrate from within, aka drink water.  Make sure your water intake is sufficient.  Similarly, the recipe for glowy, plump, healthy skin is healthy fats.  I try to eat at least half an avocado a day to get some healthy fats into my system.

I hope these easy tips help take your skincare routine to the next level!  I would love to hear any tips you have as well – comment below or DM my instagram.

Berit x