“If I am ever wondering where my favorite top is, the first place I look is the bottom of my sister’s dirty clothes basket.” – Berit, everyday

All of our lives, we have been into clothes and fashion – we frequented the dress-up box as little girls and haven’t ever stopped.  It is a blast being able to share this passion with each other, even if it means unsolicited critiques and opinions when they’re unwanted.  We created this blog as an outlet to express our creativity through fashion, our lifestyle and photography.  We hope to inspire those who share the same interest with our unique tastes and styles.

[Berit] I am am an accountant with a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.  My job has kept me here, but Milwaukee will always be home.  My style is city-chic and monochromatic (mostly black).

[Brin] I administer an assisted living facility with a degree in Healthcare Administration from the University Wisconsin Eau Claire.  I am into more of a casual-chic style and like to switch it up.

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